A dynamic, professionally-looking Internet site, which offers loads of features, is much more likely to get visitors compared with a simple static one. A variety of script apps are available for building this kind of a website and the most convenient way to employ a script is if your hosting company provides you with a convenient installation tool. In this way, rather than spending time and efforts to set up an app, it'll take you a few mouse clicks and a few minutes to get the script up and running. Usually all you need to do is to choose the domain name and the script, then enter an administrator username and password and you are set. The main benefit of using such a tool is the fact that its scripts are already properly configured to run on a specific web server, so you'll not have to worry about adjusting any script or account settings so as to match some specific requirements.

1-click Applications Installer in Hosting

With our hosting plans you will get a 1-click script installer with over 50 scripts that can be used to build any sort of site. For example it won't take you more than just a few mouse clicks to set up an online store, a realty portal or a forum. All you will have to do will be to choose the domain name and the script and to insert the administrator login information. Our system is going to do the rest and a few minutes later you'll be able to enter the back office and begin adding your website content. That way you can create a professional site even though you may have never dealt with such matters up to now. To make thing even better, we will also provide you with tons of totally free web templates for some of the script applications. When you use the script installer, you'll not need to pay for web design since you can do everything yourself with only a few clicks.

1-click Applications Installer in Semi-dedicated Servers

If you choose to get a semi-dedicated server through us, you will get access to our 1-click script installer, which comes with more than fifty popular applications. With only a few clicks you'll be able to create any sort of internet site - you can set up a personal blog with WordPress, you can set up an electronic learning portal with the most popular platform out there, Moodle, and if you want to have a web shop, you may use OpenCart or PrestaShop. These are just a few examples of the apps that we offer you and for some of them we shall also give you tens of different themes. Installing any script will take just a few simple steps in your hosting Control Panel - select the script, select the domain address, type in the username and password for the back office, and then click on the Install button. The process is as simple as it could ever be and you'll not have to do anything else manually.