When you upload information on a web hosting server, it takes an amount of space on the hard disk drive dependent on its particular size. In case you have a script-driven website which stores its info in a database, it will take more disk space, the more people make use of it. To give an example, if you have a discussion board, the greater amount of comments people leave, the larger the database will be. E-mails, in particular ones having attachments, also require some disk space in the site hosting account. The hard disk space quota that you will get with each hosting provider is the overall amount of data you could have at any given moment, and it contains site files, e-mails and databases. Likewise, a PC has a hard disk and the software programs installed on it as well as all of the docs or music files that you generate or download take some storage, which can't exceed the full capacity of your hdd.

Disk Space in Hosting

With the help of our hosting plans, you'll never worry about hdd space. While most providers make accounts using a single server and at some time all the server hard disk space is in use, we have employed a cloud web hosting platform where the files, e-mail messages as well as the databases are handled by separate groups of servers. In this way, each and every machine works better as only one type of processes is functioning on it, plus the hdd space is virtually unlimited since we can always connect extra servers or hard drives to the cluster, depending on whether we need additional processing power or more storage space. You will not ever experience a scenario where you are not able to upload more files since there's no available disk space on your server, that is an issue you may experience with many other providers. If you use our hosting services, you can be sure that deficiency of space will never be a problem for the development of your sites.

Disk Space in Semi-dedicated Servers

Due to the fact that all of our semi-dedicated server packages are really powerful, we have made the decision not to restrict the disk space aspect when we have designed them. Our reason is that if you buy a powerful plan, it is quite possible that you've got a lot of website information, for this reason every semi-dedicated server package comes with limitless hard disk storage, which will enable you to concentrate on enhancing your websites and not be worried if you will fit within an allowance. Your account will be created on a cloud website hosting platform where the files, emails and databases have their individual clusters of servers, so not only will the machines operate more effectively since only a single type of system processes will operate on them, but also you will never have to worry about the hdd storage because we are able to attach as many servers or hard disks to every single cluster as required.

Disk Space in VPS Servers

The HDD storage that we supply with our VPS servers is different based on the plan that you choose at the time you sign up. By using a more powerful server, you are able to effortlessly operate numerous websites, meaning extra content, thus the greater the VPS plan, the more hdd storage you'll have available. Switching from one plan to another requires just a few clicks and it doesn't involve any service disruption. Your website files, databases and emails will share the the entire amount of space your server comes with, still if you'd rather to have fixed allocations, you can pick cPanel or DirectAdmin for the hosting Control Panel throughout the ordering process. Either of the instruments will enable you to create website hosting accounts with limited hdd space and when required, even to share out space from one account to another. Using the third alternative that you will find on the order page, the Hepsia Control Panel, all domains will share the storage space.

Disk Space in Dedicated Servers

With all the disk storage that we offer with our dedicated servers, we warrant that you'll be able to manage any type of web site regardless of its proportions. You will get at least 500 GB storage, which you're able to use as you see fit - even for personal file depository. As standard, you will get 2 HDDs, which can be used independently, so as to use their overall capacity, or they can be connected in RAID so that one will mirror the second one in real time to warrant that you won't waste valuable information in the event of a hardware breakdown. We also give you the opportunity to include more disks and increase the full HDD storage you can use even further. This makes it possible for you to make a file or image storage portal without a problem if you'd like. With the DirectAdmin and cPanel hosting Control Panels that we provide, you can easily create an independent account for each and every domain name that you host on the server and define a quota for the disk space it will be allowed to use. When you get the third choice, our in-house built Hepsia Control Panel, all of your domains will be operated in a single and they'll share the total server HDD storage.